View South, 1300 Block of Channing Street, Los Angeles, October 30, 2005by John Humble


View South, 1300 Block of Channing Street, 
Los Angeles, October 30, 2005
by John Humble

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“I wasn’t against communism, but i can’t say i was for it either. At first, i viewed it suspiciously, as some kind of white man’s concoction, until i read works by African revolutionaries and studied the African liberation movements. Revolutionaries in Africa understood that the question of African liberation was not just a question of race, that even if they managed to get rid of the white colonialists, if they didn’t rid themselves of the capitalistic economic structure, the white colonialists would simply be replaced by Black neocolonialists. There was not a single liberation movement in Africa that was not fighting for socialism. In fact, there was not a single liberation movement in the whole world that was fighting for capitalism. The whole thing boiled down to a simple equation: anything that has any kind of value is made, mined, grown, produced, and processed by working people. So why shouldn’t working people collectively own that wealth? Why shouldn’t working people own and control their own resources? Capitalism meant that rich businessmen owned the wealth, while socialism meant that the people who made the wealth owned it.”
— Assata Shakur, Assata: An Autobiography (via rs620)

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the sky did the thing this morning and it was amazing

swifd said: thAT ANON LIVES IN ICELAND??? frick lucky omfg and please go see the northern lights every night and take hell of a lot of pictures omfg

I know I’m so jealous omgomgomg and we are, that’s the one thing we’ve definitely booked because wow I have to see them!!

how long are you going to be staying in iceland? also where are you going in iceland? I live there, so I'm curious :)
— Anonymous

we’re staying in reykjavik for four days at the end of december and spending new years there c: do you have any suggestions for things that we should definitely see/do?

Voice Change


the second of two supernatural-related voice recordings that i just couldn’t get through without laughing

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